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Part Two, AKA "Where the story got strangely vague"

I’m going to make these a little more summarized… Ain’t nobody got time for full-blown epics. You ousted a cult dedicated to propogating the plague, you saved most of the Councilors of Clockheim from a giant demon spider, you were tasked with finding “the heart of Clockheim” and stopping Rumphrey from activating it to summon demons into the material plane (the one you’re on). You did it all. Good Job.

Our adventure's humble beginnings.

If you can call being thrust into a cataclysmic battle “humble”.

You all started in the middle of a massive skirmish, cutting down soldiers without question or thought. It was a reasonable tutorial mission to obtain the feel of combat, as many of you had never played before. Strength and dice flagging, your attention turned to the hill in the distance, where two lone figures fought, sword against magic. The silhouette with the sword plunged his weapon into the other, and a swirling vortex of magic erupted in the churning green sky above. A bright flash of light ensued, and the players lost consciousness.

When they awoke, they were confronted with a different environment. A large but homely house sheltered them, where chemical catalysts and crystals lined the walls. A man stood in the middle of the room, uttering unintelligible (but certainly panicked) thoughts while looking into a large bowl upon a pedestal, filled with liquid silver. The man began screaming, and the liquid began bubbling. There were images in the bowl, but you decided not to glance at them. At once, it frothed and turned a violent shade of red (akin to fresh blood). The bowl began to overflow, the cracked and erupted, drowning out the frightened protestations of the man. Not noticing you, he commented on something of which you could only hear “not what should have happened, I said FIRST age, not fifth!” and on and on. He retreated behind a door, and left you to your own devices.

At first, you attempted to open the door, but it proved fruitless. Soon afterwards, a younger man appeared. He looked to be in his mid-30’s, with a friendly, bearded face, and a slightly round belly. He greeted you as Humphrey, and asked to forgive the the behavior of his master, Maelon Dewbeard. After both sides failing to understand the other’s origins or intentions, Humphrey tasked you with going into sewers to clear out what was purported as a “plague of arcane origins.” In order to keep track of the you, Humphrey gave you an amulet that would allow Humphrey to see your location. As brave as he was clueless, the ranger opted to put the necklace on. After cutting down many of the “plague carriers” who were actually dretch, summoned from the abyssal planes, and taking an excursion back up to “borrow” some potions, you found an insane wizard who possessed a strange medallion. Naturally, the wizard was apprehended and promptly looted.

Safely back in the lab, Humphrey gave you one night’s rest before asking you to travel to an abandoned section of Clockheim to take care of a problem in the form of a solitary figure. You were taken by carriage without problem or delay to the abandoned mansions, and at once found the location in question. Taking full advantage of the stealth in your group, the party split up; the monk and ranger taking the top floor, while the barbarian and the rouge explored the bottom.

Immediately, the monk and ranger encountered orcs; one of them seemed to be the leader. Dagren, the monk, attempted to talk to the leader, but after setting off a trap (and narrowly dodging it), the hidden ranger opened fire on the two. The leader bellowed, and charged at the source of the arrows.

Meanwhile, the downstairs exploration was going much quieter. The barbarian elected to stay still while the rouge snuck around to each room in turn. Upon entering the Great Hall, the rough spotted four orcs, unaware of his presence. The rouge quickly dropped the first orc, and covered the gap to the second before being noticed. As the orcs drew their blades, Kyras charged in.

Upstairs, the battle fared poorly. Although the leader’s attendant was quickly dropped by Dagren, Ezreal was cornered by the leader. In a fearsome rage, the orc struck down the ranger, leaving him unconscious on the floor. Dagren held her own, and was beginning to return blows, when she noticed Kyras coming up the staircase nearby. They had quickly dispatched the foes downstairs, and not a moment too soon. In a yell of fury, Kyras cleaved the orc leader from head to toe.

Only one room left unopened; the final room on the second floor. It appeared to be a master bedroom, in complete disarray. A window in the far corner of the room was open. Most of the party began searching the room for any clue as to where their target had gone. Meanwhile, Dagren was outside, searching the orc leader. She chanced upon an important letter, offering the alliance of Clockheim in exchange for the services of the orcs of Krg’Sharr. She chose to pocket this letter, instead of revealing it to the party. With Ezreal mortally wounded beside her, she declined to heal him. She moved on to other parts of the mansion to search. However, Kyras came by, and managed to heal Ezreal. Acting under some strange will outside his own, Ezreal returned at once to Maelon’s laboratory alone. The party lingered at the mansion a while longer, then returned as well.

The ranger had a strange voice compel him to visit the market district at once; their quarry was escaping. You managed to find Humphrey there as well; the barbarian and the monk held him there, while the ranger and the rouge chased down the victim. A panicked man in a hood stood cornered, only to be revealed to be another Humphrey. The voices in the rangers head took over, and he reached for his bastard sword. The rouge tried to stop him, but was almost killed with one swing. In a last desperate attempt, the rouge managed to disarm the compelled ranger, who then began to attempt to choke Humphrey. When confronted about his doppleganger, the dragged along Humphrey polymorphed into a rat and fled. The barbarian ripped the amulet off of the ranger, who returned to normal, save a smoking scar where the amulet rested.

You returned to the laboratory (save for Dagren and Humphrey), only to find it ransacked, and Maelon dead. Dagren returned shortly thereafter, after getting Humphrey drunk. You decided to end the session by tying up Humphrey.


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