A rather evil imposter


Not much is known of this foul creature. Since the character’s arrival in Clockheim, this beast coined “Rumphrey” (after his escape via polymorphing into a rat) attempted to have the characters killed twice before he was discovered. Once, he sent them into the sewers beneath Maelon Dewbeard’s laboratory to be lost to the new plague that was sweeping Clockheim. Next, he sent them into an abandoned district of Clockheim to kill an unknown figure; they were set upon by a large group of orcs who nearly killed the ranger. After discovering their quarry was in fact Humphrey himself, the dragged along Rumphrey made his escape into the darkness.

“Rumphrey” later appeared in the middle of the Council chambers to unleash a Bebilith (lesser demon spider) into their midst. After dispatching the spider (but not before it eviscerated two of the five Councillors), the players were tasked with finding the source of the destabilization of the magical wards that would normally prevent such extraplanar excursions. This adventure led them into the heart of the city where a glowing, uncut ruby hung suspended in the middle of a massive control chamber. Fighting through a horde of demons, the players cut down the elusive “Rumphrey” as he attempted to finish off the isolated ranger. His physical form cut down, his soul was flung back to whichever plane it belonged too. If he ever meets the ‘heroes’ again, he won’t be very happy…


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